Bushbox XL vs Firebox: Which Portable Fire Pit Is Best For You?

Portable stoves are really useful in camping and bushcraft; they help you with cooking foods, boiling water, and even staying warm. But not all portable stoves are of great quality, and not every stove will be suitable for your needs.

Two of the best quality portable stoves to buy are the Bushbox XL and the Firebox. But which is best for you? In this guide, we’ll present each stove in detail and take you through their pros and cons. By the end, you should know which fire pit you should buy.

Bushbox XL and Firebox: Important Things to Know

Bushbox XL and Firebox: Important Things to Know
There’s nothing like a simple firebox that guarantees access to meals and water in the wild

The Bushbox XL is a modern, portable multi-fuel stove made out of stainless steel. It can fulfill several functions in bushcraft and camping: heating, cooking, and providing warmth. It’s also easier to use compared to its predecessor version, the Bushbox.

The XL version that we recommend also boasts excellent size and efficiency. It has two trivets that support different sizes of pots and pans, and the bracket for the burner prevents the setup from overheating. Thanks to the Bushbox XL’s efficiency, you can take a fairly small amount of fuel and make a meal within minutes.

The Firebox is made out of steel and is also known as a twig stove or camp stove. When assembled, it controls and contains a small fire—making it ideal for quickly boiling water and making quick, light meals. Luckily, the smoke output of the Firebox is fairly low.

Compared to the Bushbox XL, the Firebox is a simple, lightweight option. It weighs far less than the Bushbox. The Firebox shares the Bushbox XL’s fuel efficiency, though, and can be used to make meals and heat water in a very short amount of time.

By nature, portable stoves are designed to be easy to assemble, dissemble, and carry. The Bushbox XL and the Firebox have that in common, and can easily be folded up into a neat, flat square to carry in your pack.

Bushbox XL vs Firebox: Which Is Best For Bushcraft?

Neither the Bushbox XL nor the Firebox is necessarily better when it comes to bushcraft; it all depends on your preferences and needs. To help you work out which portable stove is perfect for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Bushbox XL and the Firebox.

Bushbox XL Pros

Design and Material

  • Has a hinge design which gives it good balance
  • Stainless steel build guarantees durability
  • Built to work in extreme weather conditions
  • Design facilitates good heat management

Heating and Food

  • Can take natural fuel sources as fuel (dry dung, twigs, branches, etc)
  • Permits use of pre-prepared fuels like charcoal and wood pellets
  • Supports different pot sizes so can cook large meals (as well as small)

Assembly and Storage

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Foldable and fits in your backpack

Bushbox XL Cons

  • Heavier than other stoves
  • Relatively large and bulky
  • Produces a lot of smoke*
  • Price might be too high

*Tip: If you want to reduce the amount of smoke produced by the Bushbox XL, you can try to look for types of logs that produce less smoke or less odorous smoke.

Firebox Pros


  • Design and holes mean it produces little to no smoke
  • Holes let oxygen flow through, prolonging the flame

Heating and Food

  • Can work well with just twigs; no big logs needed
  • Works with gel fuel, wood pellets, alcohol, charcoal
  • A good flame can be created within minutes
  • Heats food and water quickly and efficiently

Assembly and Storage

  • Small in size and convenient to carry
  • Can be assembled in less than 10 seconds

Firebox Cons

  • Better for quick meals (e.g. steaks, eggs, fish) rather than large meals
  • Given its small size, it’s not ideal for starting a fire to stay warm
  • Heats in one direction only, so not as useful in extreme weather

Bushbox XL vs Firebox: Which Is Best For Bushcraft?

Is the Bushbox Xl or the Firebox Better For You?

As you have seen, each stove has its pros and cons. If you need a versatile fire pit that can cook all types of meals (light or heavy), provides warmth in harsh weather conditions, especially when bushcrafting in winter, and offers great durability, then then the Bushbox XL is the best choice for you.

Conversely, if you want a more affordable stove that can quickly fix light meals, offers efficient cooking with very little fuel, and is lightweight and convenient to carry, then you should go with the Firebox.


And that’s it! You now know how the Bushbox XL and the Firebox work, including what fuel types they take and what tasks you can use them for.

Also, thanks to our guide to each stove’s pros and cons, you should now know which is best for your needs. Ready to go and buy yourself a Firebox or Bushbox XL?

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