Do Palladium Boots Run Big or Small?

Are you thinking about buying Palladium boots for your bushcrafting adventures? Great idea! Palladium boots are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts for their durable construction and their ability to withstand many different weather conditions and terrains.

When you’re shopping for Palladium boots, it’s important that you find the right fit to ensure comfort and safety when you wear them out in the wild. Currently, there is debate on whether Palladium boots run big or small. In this article, we will help answer that question so you can find the perfect-sized Palladium boots for you!

General Advice

When shopping for outdoor boots, a general rule that people follow is to deliberately buy them half a size, or one size, too big. That way, if you want to wear your boots in cold conditions, you have a thermal blanket for your body and enough room to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm—without your boots getting too tight. This recommendation—to buy half or one size up—applies to Palladium boots, too. Customer reviews of Palladium boots (on Reddit and online retailers) confirm that these boots tend to run true-to-size or slightly small—meaning you can’t go wrong by buying a slightly bigger size!

Model Type

Although Palladium boots are generally said to run true-to-size or slightly small, that doesn’t apply to every single model. To find out more specific details on the sizing of a specific model of Palladium boot, you should check out the brand’s size chart and customer reviews for that model. Reading reviews for the Pampa Hi, for instance, reveals that this model runs larger than normal Palladium boots—something you wouldn’t have known if you’d relied on the general advice. So, it’s always a good idea to do your research into a specific Palladium model type before you decide whether to size up or down!

Boot Width

Another factor to consider when determining the right size for your Palladium boots is the width of their footbed. Palladium boots are available in both regular and wide widths, so if you have wider feet you may want to opt for the latter. Although the wide options don’t actually give more room to your feet lengthwise, they do provide more space in terms of width—and if you have wider feet, this might be a better choice than sizing up lengthwise. Wide Palladium boots will give your feet extra room and prevent discomfort at pressure points.

Tip: If you don’t know how wide your feet are, you can measure their width using a tape measure or ruler. Place the end of the tape measure or ruler at the widest part of your foot and measure the distance across.

Upper Material

Finally, knowing the material of the boots’ upper can help you work out whether to size up, down, or buy your normal size. Some upper materials such as canvas, and other synthetic materials, can stretch after a few wears; so if you’re interested in buying boots made out of those materials but you’re unsure about sizing, you can buy a boot that is slightly small for you and be confident that it’ll have stretched out for you after you’ve worn it a few times. Similarly, materials like leather can “give” or conform to the shape of your feet over time, meaning a slightly small size will soon feel comfy too. Given leather’s pliant nature, you should avoid buying leather boots that are already a size too big as they’ll prove to be a poor fit.

How to find the perfect-sized Palladium boots

To sum up, Palladium boots tend to fit true-to-size or slightly small, but that may differ in certain models. The upper material of the boots can also play a part in whether your boots will end up fitting well. So it’s certainly worth doing your research! And remember, if you have wide feet, you might do best to size up in terms of width, rather than length, if you have the option. If you can, try on a few pairs in store—or order multiple sizes online—and make use of Palladium’s free returns and exchanges policy to find the best sized boots for you.

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