61 minutes | 2:35 HD Colour | English / French Subitles l Fantasy I Midnight Kingdom Films IMdB

The tale of history's first rebels.

GO IN THE WILDERNESS tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s rebellious first mate, and her guardian, as they forge an uneasy alliance on their journey back to Eden. Once in the Garden, they meet Adam and his new mate Eve, and realise that all is not as it seems in Paradise... Shot against the striking backdrop of Quebec’s remote North Shore, GO IN THE WILDERNESS presents a bold new version of the myth of creation.

“…Kephart once again shows how unique she is among contemporary young Quebec filmmakers with her telling of the original act of female emancipation."
-Julien Fonfrède, programmer Festival du nouveau cinéma

"Strikingly poetic"
-Manon Dumais, Voir

"Audacious, surprising... loaded with mythic girl power"
-Michael-Oliver Harding, Nightlife